Aegeanblue Photography




Aegeanblue Photography holds a large stock of images that may be purchased on request, we also have a stock of general images, not specific to Greece, please make contact with us to inquire. 

We will also undertake commissions and supply images to the customer's specifications, terms and conditions for individual commissions will be negotiated on a commission by commission basis.

Terms & Conditions
1. No image or photograph may be reproduced without the expressed permission of the copyright holder in writing.

2. Time-stamped e-mails will be considered legally binding to both parties.

3. Contact should be made initially by e-mail at: [email protected]

4. Images displayed on this web-site, in addition to any stock photographs available on request, may be purchased for one of the following end uses: personal use (as a frameable print); for commercial purposes (reproduction for sale); for use in web-sites, or for advertising use. Any and all other uses bust be agreed and fees negotiated between the end user and the copyright holder

5. All end-uses must be credited to the copyright holder, except where the copyright has been purchased.